Plumbing start-up acquires parent’s company and is now scaling 🚀

Plumbing start-up acquires parent’s company and is now scaling 🚀

Heil Plumbing was navigating a complex merger while trying to build the right foundation to grow on for the years to come.


Website merger & rebuild
Brand upgrade
Service Titan implementation & data setup
Content marketing
Lead generation (SEO & Google Ads)
Plumbing start-up acquires parent’s company and is now scaling 🚀

Project overview

Our partnership with Heil Plumbing DMV started in 2020 as it established itself as a leading plumbing provider in Montgomery County, MD.

We launched a successful marketing program — helping scale the business from $0 to $100k 12 months, to over $150k/mo in 22 months. 

In 2023 Heil Plumbing DMV had the opportunity to acquire/merge with Heil Plumbing (their parent’s company) which presented various challenges and opportunities.

We helped Heil Plumbing DMV seamlessly navigate this acquisition and set themselves up for years to come, most recently seeing a 25% increase in revenue while cutting ad/marketing spend in half over 4 months.

Our tactics included: 

  • New logo & website
  • Content marketing
  • Local SEO strategy
  • Google Ads strategy 
  • ServiceTitan integration & process optimization
  • Lead and revenue tracking


The challenge: navigating a full-scale merger

After establishing itself as a trusted, go-to plumbing service in Montgomery County, Heil DMV made the decision to merge with its parent company, Heil Plumbing. However, they didn’t know how to begin the daunting tasks of:

  • Launching a bullet-proof go-to-market strategy
  • Merging two complex websites
  • Rebranding
  • Retaining existing customers 
  • Keeping their technicians full 
  • Using ServiceTitan to improve sales cycles

They turned to AboundLocal to develop and execute a plan to launch their company into this exciting growth stage. We helped them spearhead their venture into new service areas that major national enterprises monopolized.  

Project results

An elevated identity

The old Heil Plumbing brand emanates a legacy of three generations of master plumbing expertise, and the owners were connected to the aesthetic. However, the imagery was outdated, failing to differentiate the company from the clunky and overly conspicuous branding of its competitors. 

After interviewing company stakeholders, we identified new brand attributes and captured a fresh look and feel aligned with their high-quality, white-glove service — while preserving their identity and heritage. 



‍Developing a lead-converting platform

To accommodate the updated brand aesthetic, merge the two websites and integrate ServiceTitan functionalities, we leveraged our MultiLocal™ platform, migrating their domain from to  

The process involved mapping a robust website architecture, powered by a local SEO strategy that targets 16 cities across Montgomery County, Howard County and Baltimore County. 

We developed unique service pages optimized for each location, managing and executing all value messaging, copywriting, wireframing, design and development efforts. We also constructed an internal linking strategy to bolster SEO performance across target locations and service pages. 

In particular, our client wanted to grow their underground repair and replacement offering. We created SEO-optimized landing pages for these top revenue-generating services. We also developed pages that target homeowners struggling with minor issues (e.g., persistent drain clogs) that could point to an underground issue, internally linking all relevant pages.

Finally, we prominently displayed social proof (their now over 2,000 5.0 Google ratings reviewers and customer testimonials) to build trust and influence conversions. 

Over a 5 month period our SEO & site optimization efforts have directly generated over $440k of revenue a 15x ROI!)

Integrating ServiceTitan as an end-to-end platform

In the final phase of the website upgrade, we implemented useful ServiceTitan integrations to track customer lifecycles, which we actively monitor to determine which landing pages and digital ads are effective and what we should refine, and areas in the sales process that need to be improved.

The ServiceTitan integrations included: 

  • Dynamic Call Tracking: Attributes phone calls to marketing source (e.g., landing page, digital ad, social media)
  • Ads Optimizer: Uses revenue data to improve campaigns
  • Automated emails on open estimates: Increases conversions on open estimates
  • Review requests: Builds social proof (now over 2,00 reviews!)
  • Schedule Engine: web-booking software that integrates with ServiceTitan 
  • Contact form integration: leads auto-entered into ST

These integrations (many built directly in MultiLocal™) act as an end-to-end solution, allowing them to manage their back office, improve the customer experience and grow their business.

Based on newly available Service Titan data, we uncovered huge opportunities to improve close rates by CSR’s, technicians job capacity, sales process with follow-up deals and financing on big jobs, better optimize ads spend.

Turning content into a growth channel

Aiming to target the new service areas, we launched a full-funnel content strategy. This included competitive analysis, keyword discovery and content gap analysis — all to uncover local ranking opportunities.

To avoid losing the traction we gained from the HeilPlumbingDMV blog (+186k organic sessions in 2023), we retained the domain to house high-performing content. We also developed a new strategy to efficiently create new content on We repurposed video content into optimized blogs, targeting homeowners and DIYers facing issues that could point to more significant plumbing problems.

Since relaunching the blog we’ve generated over 28k organic visitors. Although most of these are not qualified leads for Heil Plumbing, as our content get views and backlinks, it helps Heil’s overall domain authority, which helps local service pages rank higher. 

Optimizing Google Ads

In addition to the website and content strategy, we identified Google Ads and Local Services Ads as high-ROI opportunities for Heil Plumbing. 

We set up and optimized a Google Ads strategy, starting with a broad campaign and then testing ads to target specific services and locations. 

This approach not only ensured each ad resonated with the local audience. It also allowed us to strategically allocate our budget, making sure each campaign was optimized to return the greatest ROI.

Armed with the ServiceTitan Ads Optimizer, we regularly test performance and have clear visibility into what’s working and what we need to improve.

In March of 2024 utilizing our proven process and Service Titan’s ads optimizer (while on a private beta with the Service Titan team), we generated $84,225 with a cost of $10,322 (an incredible 8x ROI!)


Over the last 150 days prior to developing this case study, our marketing efforts (including content, SEO, service titan automation, process consulting, and Google Ads) have helped generate an increase of 25% in revenue while decreasing total marketing costs by 50% (to 5% of total revenue). 

Heil’s plumbers are full, and they continue to see increases in service calls and revenue.

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