What kind of impact could your company have? 

As Christian entrepreneurs who care about entrepreneurs, we aspire to see your home service business grow. That means increasing your revenue so you can care for more people and better serve your community.

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We started with a mission

Our passion at AboundLocal is to maximize impact of local home service businesses who are:

Customer focused:
Growing revenue is essential, but your company is not solely organized around turning a profit. You have a heart for your customers, and you desire to grow so you can serve more people.

Community focused:
In today’s corporatized world, company values often seem hollow and insincere. But you don’t just talk about caring for your neighbors. Your company shares its time, expertise and resources to serve the communities where you live and opperate.

Team focused:
In a fast-moving, competitive market, it’s common for companies to overlook caring for their team. But you see your employees and technicians as central to success. You value the unique strengths of each team member, which you leverage to gain a competitive advantage and serve your customers well.

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The core values behind our work

These values describe the essence of who we are, and who we hope to be in every interaction.


We are committed to building quality solutions that truly benefit others.


We believe business growth isn’t just about the bottom line. It's about the privilege of serving more people.

Team focused

We humbly rely on one another’s gifts and insights (including yours!), knowing we each have something to bring to the table.

Continually learning

We challenge ourselves —and our clients — to invest in what’s working while experimenting with new strategies.


We know it's more blessed to give than to receive, so we love to share our gifts, time, and resources to benefit others.